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Supporting people with mental health issues

One in four people will experience a mental health problem every year. While reporting of mental health problems has increased in recent years many people are still not getting the treatment they need.

Leaving mental health needs undiagnosed and unsupported can have severe consequences for people, their families, and emergency services. Too many people with mental health issues will only present at crisis point, whether this is in accident and emergency (A&E), police custody, or prison.

We run several services specifically for people with mental health needs and support people with dual diagnosis of mental health and substance misuse.


Our services

We provide a range of services supporting people with mental health needs. We understand that everyone is different, so we take a personalised approach.


Supported housing

Many people across our supported housing services face mental health problems and we tailor our support to each individual. We also run dedicated housing services for people with mental health problems such as our Integrated Housing Support Service in Carmarthenshire and our Lincolnshire Housing Related Support Partnership.

Our Manchester supported housing for ex-service personnel works collaboratively to deliver cognitive psychological and social rehabilitation services and support to help them recover from their time in service.

Our Stockport Prevention Alliance works in partnership with agencies across Stockport we take a preventative approach, working with people to improve their wellbeing.


Intensive health resettlement services

Our intensive resettlement service teams in Wandsworth and Greenwich support people with medium to high mental health needs who have just left prison. Our tailored support helps people find somewhere to live, get the financial support they are entitled to, get the right healthcare in place, and build a positive support structure.


Personal wellbeing support for people in prison or on probation

Our personal wellbeing services in Hertfordshire, Suffolk and Northamptonshire support men under the supervision of the Probation Service. The support is tailored to each individual and can include social inclusion, emotional wellbeing, engagement with family and others.


Liaison and diversion

Our liaison and diversion service on the Isle of Wight operates out of police custody and courts. We help people with unmet needs such as mental health and learning disabilities to get the support they need and reduce the impact of the criminal justice system.

You can find a full list of our services through our聽Service Finder.

I was 17 when I came to 澳门王中王论坛, I had severe OCD and mental health issues. Living alone for the first time was incredibly daunting and stressful. 澳门王中王论坛 helped me with support for my OCD and got me a studio flat as I found showering and eating in a living situation with others very difficult. Now I鈥檓 living independently without the need for support and I鈥檓 training as a mental health nurse.
David came to 澳门王中王论坛 NEST service through a mental health referral
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