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Our health and wellbeing services

We support people with complex needs to move forwards in their lives. Whether dealing with mental health issues, substance misuse or personal problems, we offer tailored support to each individual. We are there for people when they need us, working together to understand where they want their lives to go and helping them to get there.

We understand that recovery isn’t always a straightforward journey, that’s why we never give up. We are there for people to start again, no matter how many times it takes.

In 2021-2022

  • 2466

    people reached

    through our Wolverhampton Recovery Near You service

  • 76 %


    made significant positive changes following W360 support

  • 1013


    with children and young people in our W360 service

Our approach

  • Nothing about you, without you: we make sure the people we support are involved every step of the way
  • Strengths-based: We work with people’s strengths and capabilities to support them to achieve change, overcome barriers and build motivation
  • Training: our staff are trained and supported to deliver person-centred interventions and high quality support
  • Robust safeguarding: our safeguarding team use real-time information to drive continuous improvement
  • Transparency and accountability: We maintain regular audits and have a comprehensive quality assurance framework
  • Working in partnership: We work closely with other agencies to manage risk and drive achievement of positive outcomes

Our services

Our community substance misuse services help people get the support they need to overcome problems with alcohol and/or drugs. We take a holistic approach, working with partner agencies to support people on their recovery journey. Our Recovery Near You service in Wolverhampton works in partnership with and to deliver a confidential service to people impacted by or struggling with substance misuse. The service operates from two central hubs within the city, has a dedicated Drug and Alcohol Liaison Team in and delivers outreach interventions across the city.

Our service for young people,聽Wolverhampton360 is a dedicated city-wide substance misuse service for young people under 18 years old. We work with other health organisations in Wolverhampton to give practical, down-to-earth support on issues including drugs, drink, health, and life in general.

In the East Riding of Yorkshire we deliver substance misuse services to people on release from police custody, prison or courts. We work with people who are mandated to engage with drug and alcohol services due to a court order, people who need ongoing recovery support on release from prison, and people who require brief interventions and support while on probation. We deliver this service on behalf of the

Our Liaison and Diversion services operate out of police custody and courts on the Isle of Wight. We help people who are at the point of entry into the criminal justice system, with unmet health needs such as mental health, substance misuse or learning disabilities, to get the support they need. The service aims to improve their health outcomes and reduce reoffending. Where appropriate, access to the right support may divert someone out of the criminal justice system or better support them as they navigate through the system.

We provide intensive support for people with medium to high mental health needs in prison and transition into the community. Our tailored support helps people find somewhere to live, get the financial support they are entitled to, get the right healthcare in place, and build a positive support network in the community. Despite having complex needs and a history of repeat offending, our intensive support has shown a significant reduction in reoffending and has helped 95% gain secure accommodation and 70% abstain from substances. Funded by , this service operates across the Greenwich prisons and Wandsworth prison.

“I’m really grateful for it. I wouldn’t be where I am now, getting my life back on track, if it wasn’t for them.” Intensive Health Resettlement Services Greenwich user.

We run wellbeing services for men leaving prison or on community orders and under supervision of the Probation Service. Our support is tailored to each individual and can include help with social inclusion, emotional wellbeing, engagement with family and others, and support to build positive lifestyles and positive futures. We deliver this service in Hertfordshire, Suffolk and Northamptonshire in partnership with and .

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James was helped by our East Riding Service

James self medicated to cope with his mental health issues. He’d tried to get support for his problems but had been turned away. It was only when he reached crisis point and the police were involved that he was given the help he needed. He came to our East Riding NHS partnership, where he was medically supported to detox safely.

He was also provided with talking support to improve his mental health. He said: “I felt confident giving up alcohol altogether by using healthy coping techniques. It was the help I had needed all along.”


Video: Our work in health and justice

Helen, our Director of Support and Advice Services, discusses our work in these areas and why she enjoys working for 澳门王中王论坛.

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I鈥檓 now over 18 months drink and drug free and my health is loads better. It started with a visit to 澳门王中王论坛 that changed my life but, above all, I鈥檝e proven that if I can do it anyone can.
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