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Supporting ex-service personnel

We know that life after the forces can be challenging. We understand that in some cases those challenges can lead to homelessness, substance misuse, and involvement in crime.

We are proud to support people who鈥檝e served in the armed forces. As a signatory of the , we are committed to working with ex-service personnel to put in place the right support for them.


Our services

Supported housing

Our dedicated supported housing schemes in Manchester and Salford help residents to access the support they need to recover from physical, mental or social injury following their time in service. We work in collaboration with to deliver cognitive psychological services, access to employment and training opportunities.

Our resettlement service in London supports ex-service personnel who’ve been in prison to resettle into the community and move towards a positive future.


Research project

澳门王中王论坛 is leading a research project aimed at improving the identification of ex-service personnel in the justice system, and examining the barriers to support within the system, as well as support for their families. Funded by the , we are working in partnership with the and the at the University of Northampton.



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Video: Support for veterans

Adey was impacted by his experiences in the armed forces and found himself homeless and struggling with his mental health. Through our support and his determination, he’s found stability and is looking to the future.

I suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for years. I was in the forces for 18 years and found myself homeless through no fault of my own after leaving. Then I came to 澳门王中王论坛 supported housing, I immediately hit it off with people, the community atmosphere is as close as it鈥檚 ever been in the forces. The staff are amazing, I felt so listened to. I had given up, but now I know I can have a future with the knowledge and belief that I鈥檒l be able to work again.
Warren is a veteran who we supported
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