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On recent announcements tackling prison overcrowding


Commenting on recent announcements to tackle prison overcrowding, Campbell Robb Chief Executive of 澳门王中王论坛 said:

鈥淭his is a failure decades in the making, but a crisis growing on a daily basis. Every day we are seeing people released from prison with little notice, nowhere to live and without the support to help them turn their lives around on the outside.聽 This is not good for anyone 鈥 victims, the public or people leaving prison.

The Government must ensure there is proper risk assessment before anyone is released to reassure the public and victims, and ensure anyone released has somewhere to live and the support they need. It is critical we now see a longer-term approach to reducing the number of people in prison, increasing the support to prevent crime and reoffending and following the evidence of what works.鈥

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